Know about the richest celebrities

Remember the last movie you watched or the TV show or maybe a Talk show? What makes you watch these things? The answer would be the celebrities that works in it right? When there are such celebrities in a show or a movie what we can do is just watch them repeatedly because they are such fun and also have a huge amount of talent like stuffed inside them. When people work hard they get the required amount as needed by them. And as a result this helps them to become the richestcelebrities of the world.

Who are counted in the richest celebrities of the world?


richest celebrities


These are the celebrities who are making a statement of their capability being the richest celebrity of the world as they are going in the list of richest among the celebrities. They are the one whose net worth is counted in terms of billions. They are termed as billionaires who are really credit taking. The names are taken on the basis of their net worth. The names are-

  1. George Lucas-$5.1 billion
  2. Dina Merrill- $5 billion
  3. Steven Spielberg- $3.7 billion
  4. Oprah Winfrey- $3.2 billion
  5. Jami Gertz- $2 billion
  6. Paul McCartney- $1.2 billion
  7. JK Rowling- $1 billion
  8. David Copperfield- $900 million
  9. Jerry Seinfeld- $870 million
  10. Jacqueline Gold- $860 million

Never enough riches

As we can see from the net worth they are just in the top 10 list. If we are going to jot down more there will be many who will be listed after them and that would lead to an endless count. So we present you the celebrities and are waiting for the next one who can beat such records of being richest. Need any more information regarding them? Go to