Welcome to the world of word games

The world of gaming is already a booming sector due to the introduction of game apps for mobile phones. The smart phone generation no longer plays games on the laptop, system or even the Playstation. The latest trend is playing mobile games which are easier to play because of their ease of access and are also faster than your average Playstation game. Since the graphics involved are relatively simpler, these mobile games are taking over the gaming market in a big way. Word game sites such as projectlexicon.net are also quite popular amongst those who love to play around with their vocabulary.


Scrabbled for life

The name ‘scrabble’ does ring a bell with most of us, even if we do not play word games on a regular basis. Scrabbles is a board game that has alphabets printed in bold on small square tiles, each of which has a particular number given according to the value of the alphabet. Difficult alphabets like X, Z, Y, Q etc. have higher scores when used in a word. Thus, the words which are formed using the highest numbered tiles get the maximum score and make you win the round. There are many other rules of playing a proper game of Scrabbles and competitions are also held world-wide to find the scrabble champion. Now, with the Scrabble game being developed into the project lexicon site, one can play a game of Scrabbles even when they are out somewhere alone. It is as engaging as the actual board game and you will fall in love with this digital version of the game once you start playing it.

Racking your brain cells

Word games are great stimulation for the neurons and will help keep your brain active and working for long. Playing these amazing word games are a great exercise for the mind and will keep your children involved as much as you.